Boston Conspiracy Theories??? #Articles ( Not my opinions)

In today’s digital world, any gap in official information on violent events is filled by online theorists proffering a ‘big explanation’

Men with backpacks at Boston Marathon private contractors?

Boston bombing suspects’ mother: My sons are innocent, this is a set up

Aunt of Boston Bombers thinks they were setup

Why the Conspiracy Theorists Will Have a Tough Time With Boston

Top Marathon Bombing Conspiracy Tweets

Boston bombing Facebook page set up two days before attack

These Questions were from one of the articles. I didn’t ask these!

Why was a Saudi national (a son of Saudi royalty, or something like that) originally the suspect of interest for the bombing?

Why did Obama have an unscheduled meeting with the Saudi foreign minister almost immediately after news broke that an arrest had been made, soon after the Saudi national was identified as a suspect?

Why was it announced that the suspect would be brought to the courthouse and then immediately afterward there was a bomb threat at the courthouse?

Why was that Suadi national quickly cleared of charges and released for deportation?

Why does the twitter account of the 19 year-old current suspect Jahar look like the twitter account of a normal teenager, not a terrorist?

Why does interview after interview of people who knew the two suspects seem to paint a picture of two people who are not likely to be terrorists?

What actual concrete proof will we be given that will conclusively tie these two suspects to the bombing?

Who are the men in the marathon pictures who look like private military security types?

Why were there reports of a bomb drill during the marathon before the bombs went off?

Why did Boston go into “lockdown” just because of one 19 year-old terrorist?

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