Gucci Mane to Serve 28 Months for Gun Possession

Gucci Mane was sentenced to 39 months in federal prison for the conviction after pleading guilty to the charge of possession of a firearm a few months ago.


However, since Gucci has been serving time since September 2013 in DeKalb County jail, an Atlanta judge has granted Gucci Mane credit for eleven months of time served, meaning Gucci will only have to serve 28 more months.


Once he becomes a free man, Gucci will be granted 3 years of probation. There is also speculation that Gucci asked the judge to transfer him to a West Coast prison with a drug rehab program to get away from local influences in Atlanta.



Published by Tay

Taylor is a 20 something year old recent graduate from Monmouth University. He is an aspiring entertainment journalist, radio broadcaster, actor and DJ. Taylor has a strong interest in Hip-Hop & R&B, acting and comedy.

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