Let me first begin by saying that unfortunately I’m a Jets fan, and even more unfortunate the Jets are on prime time television tonight for Monday Night Football. Like really NFL, just STOP putting the Jets in any primetime spot during the football season. The American public doesn’t need to be subjected to the Jets, but more importantly the REALISTIC Jets fans don’t need to be subjected to watching their team getting shellacked after what is already probably a long Monday knowing your existence as a Jets fan. Going into last week I fully expected the Jets to beat a VERY OVER-RATED team in the Green Bay Packers, led by an even more OVER-RATED QB in Aaron Rodgers, whose team should be 0-3 at this point instead of 1-2. For 2 ½ quarters the Jets confirmed what I already believed to be the case with the Packers and where up at one point 21-6 late in the 2nd qtr. and driving in the redzone with under 3 mins to play. But then of course right on schedule the Jets blow the opportunity to extend the lead before halftime(and they were getting the ball to start the 2nd half too) and Geno Smith throws an INT that leads to a touchdown score for those adorable packers right before halftime. It was 21-13 at that point, and for any REALISTIC Jets fan it was time to stop watching because the fate of the game had already been decided. DEATH, TAXES, A NEW CELEBRITY PHOTO LEAK EACH WEEK, and the Jets never being a competent football team, are all things you can count on in life.

The Chicago Bears on the other hand have real potential to go far this season. So much potential, that a certain somebody may or may not have been placed a wager on them before the season started to not only win the NFC, but to win the Super bowl as well. So much potential, that a certain somebody rides and dies each week in fantasy football on the backs of Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, and Martellus Bennett. DO NOT; for a second believe that the Bears comeback win last week over San Francisco, led by my boy Cutler, was just some fluke. The Bears are the best team in the NFC North. The Bears have the best QB in the NFC North; Yes I’d ride with Cutler any day over “that baaaaaad man” Aaron Rodgers as one “expert” on ESPN likes to refer to him. Marshall and Jeffery are the best receiving duo in the NFL. Matt Forte is one of the most consistent RB’s in the NFL. The Bears defense is not nearly as bad as everyone makes them out to be and they still generate turnovers as good as any defense. And Marc Trestman is an excellent play caller and designer, and has worked wonders for Jay Cutler in his first two seasons as the Bears head coach.

For whatever reason, and I think it’s so laughable, Vegas actually has the Jets as a 2 point favorite over the Bears tonight. The over/under for the game is 45. If people believe the Jets were over their heads last week vs Green Bay then they are in for a rude awakening tonight vs Cutler and the Bears. I’m picturing total blow out in my head with Marshall, Jeffery, and Bennett abusing the Jets secondary, and I can picture lots of screen passes dialed up by Trestman to Matt Forte going for huge gains, taking advantage of Rex Ryan’s blitz happy defense. If you’re not up on the Bears by now, you will be at the conclusion of tonight’s game. PREDICTION: Bears 34 Jets 10

P.S… Just so were on the record early, I have the Bears vs Patriots in this year’s Super Bowl.


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