VIDEO: Teacher Quits Job To Twerk For A Living

Jessica Vanessa works as a professional twerker. She found fame after posting Vine videos of herself gyrating . Advertisers are willing to pay her thousands of dollars to feature in a video. Despite her fame Jessica has received cruel jibes from Internet trolls. The 22-year-old woman from Florida was discovered by advertisers on Vine, who offered to pay her serious cash to mention their products while shaking her ass for her 2 million followers. Vanessa, formerly a kindergarten teaching assistant, obliged and now makes six figures annually. She says she makes more in six seconds than she would have made in four months as a teaching assistant. Though not everyone supports Vanessa’s career choice — her father Rafael de Leon had some trouble accepting it at first, and Internet trolls love to hate on her — she feels as though she has found her true calling.

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