@DejLoaf Talks Success, “Try Me,” Wrestling, Catching The Holy Ghost + Gives Advice #KeepItBasement

We had the opportunity to chop it up with 23-year-old emcee Dej Loaf from Detroit. If her name doesn’t ring a bell, you must of been hiding under a rock for the past few months. Dej Loaf has one of the hottest songs out right now called “Try Me” which has been supported by various artists including Drake, The Lox and Wiz Khalifa. In this interview, Loaf discusses just about everything from humble beginnings, taking in the success, following dreams, new music, wrestling, and fashion. Read our exclusive interview below! Interview conducted by Mike Sweeney.

MS: With the recent success of your hit “Try Me”, does it feel weird going from just an artist on SoundCloud to a future sensation getting so much support and shout outs from Drake, Wiz Khalifa, E-40, The Lox, Kevin Durant, Kylie Jenner, etc ? How do you take all this in, in such a short period of time

Dej Loaf: It’s exciting man I’ve been working for so long and just to get recognized by these big names in Hip-hop, and media today is crazy. I am humble about it I can’t believe this is happening!

MS: It’s crazy how “Try Me” all started from being in a mall and getting mean mugged. Explain that story.

Dej Loaf: (Laughs) Yeah I was with my best friend and we were just in the mall. People don’t like us together, people don’t like her separately, and people don’t like me separately… and when we’re together, people don’t like us. (Laughs) My manager says I have Napoleon complex because I am small but I don’t think that’s the case.

MS: Initially when you made the “Try Me” record you didn’t think it was going to be a hit did you?

Dej Loaf: I mean I liked it. It was a hit for me.

MS: You didn’t think it would get the exposure it’s getting though ? (currently one of the hottest songs in the country) Dej Loaf: Nah I didn’t think it would change my life. I definitely didn’t think that.

MS: Who’s on the remix? Ty Dolla $ign, Remy Ma, Bobby Shmurda, Drake, Big Sean?

Dej Loaf: I mean we have a remix with Wiz Khalifa that’s official, E-40 is Official, Lil Durk I definitely let him do that, those are official. I just recently did one with Remy Ma and Ty Dolla $ign. That’s the one you’re talking about yes. I went back in and redid my verse and that’s the one we are going to be pushing as the remix. So stay tuned for that it will be dropping soon.

MS: Big Sean was on the radio last night in Philadelphia and he said he wanted to work with you and get on the Try Me remix.

Dej Loaf: Oh for real? Yeah I was with Sean like last month and he was working on his album which is coming out soon, it’s going to be crazy. But yeah we going to get some music in I don’t know if it’s going to be the “Try Me” remix but it’s just a phone call away.

MS: You are big on passion and following dreams. What is one quote or piece of advice you could share to the people that you always had in the back of your mind? Something you always lived by.

Dej Loaf: Stay down until you come up. Do what you love. People try to tell you do this do that but do what you love. If you’re not happy deep down don’t do it.

MS: So “Stay down until you come up”. It’s kind of like being humble?

Dej Loaf: Yeah man you just got to stick to it. We all go in these dark places sometimes and we don’t know what’s next but you just got to remember to stick to what you know and love. You never know what’s in store for you.

MS: How did you catch bodies if you were a homebody? Nah I’m just playing but from staying home and keeping to yourself, did that help you from a creative standpoint and ultimately get you to pursue a career in music?

Dej Loaf: (Laughs) Definitely I tried to stay out of as much trouble as possible. A lot of my peers were getting into stuff and I just didn’t get myself involved in it. When someone wanted to get into something bad I would just tell them, “Nah I’m going to just chill right here at home.”

MS: From a music standpoint I heard you were in a hole for a period of time, where you were unable to get beats and make new music. This was something you were down about. Describe those feelings? How did you get out of that writer’s block?

Dej Loaf: When I started recording “Try Me”, I was in a place man and nobody was really in my corner you know… kind of just like all me. I even had to quit my job to focus on my music. At the time, my team and everyone kind of separated. Like I said I went in and recorded “Try Me” and it wasn’t even mixed properly but I dropped it on SoundCloud anyway. Then my boy Kyle mixed it for me and we put that version up on my page. I just wanted to drop it and get my music out, and at that point you see where we are at now.

MS: How does one catch a holy ghost? What’s the process like when you caught or are catching a holy ghost? Dej Loaf: That’s just like when I am writing and in my zone and just going crazy. You know in my zone nodding my head and jumping up and down.

MS: So is it like an adrenaline rush?

Dej Loaf: (Laughs) Yeah if I’m feeling it the music is just like…. I’m in my zone man (Laughs)

MS: I see you supporting your team I salute that. You said “IBGM, we the new Death Row” talk about that.

Dej Loaf: That’s a quote from my partner Oba Rowland’s song called “Life Styles”. He said it in there, “IBGM We The New Death Row”. We run with that, you know how Death Row ran things back in their time. I feel like we are the new that.

MS: Who do you want to work with in the future?

Dej Loaf: I just like to make good music! I don’t like to name drop and say I want to work with him or her because who knows if they want to work with me. But you know the deal is to make good music and that’s what I want to do.

MS: I like your style, what is it inspired from? How do you choose when to wear all white and when to wear all black?

Dej Loaf: Man white is always just clean. How can you not like white, black, solid colors man, you can’t go wrong with those. MS: I love the DX “Suck It” Jersey you have on in the “Try Me” video. My mom wouldn’t let me get that as a kid. Are you a fan of wrestling?

Dej Loaf: Yeah I used to watch wrestling when I was a kid and I didn’t think people were going to go crazy over that jersey.

MS: Who was your favorite wrestler?

Dej Loaf: I wasn’t the biggest fan trust me but I don’t want to say The Rock. That’ll be cliché but he is up there. I liked the Hardy Boyz, and Chyna the 9th wonder of the world as well. This next segment is called “Ins & Outs”. It’s something I like doing when interviewing artists. I will say a statement and they will reply with it either being “In” or “Out” Check out what Dej Loaf thinks about it!

MS: Catching the Holy ghost Dej Loaf: You already know that’s In

Ms: Cold weather is coming so heated seats in the whip Dej Loaf: In

MS: On the pursuit of making your passion your paycheck

Dej Loaf: In

MS: Being labeled just a Female Rapper

Dej Loaf: That’s Out

MS: Your mom listening to Bobby Shmurda and doing the Shmoney Dance

Dej Loaf: Out! Out! Out!

MS: Late night texts from creeps Dej Loaf: Out… Blocked! MS: Getting Breakfast before bed

Dej Loaf: Out. I don’t like breakfast

MS: Applying the curve on dimes

Dej Loaf: (Laughs) In (Laughs)

MS: Talking ish on social media when your picture isn’t even your face

Dej Loaf: When who’s in your face? MS: Repeats question

Dej Loaf: In…. Wait you said talking shit that’s out man yeah that’s out.

Ending with some words of wisdom Dej Loaf: Yo what’s up this Dej Loaf and y’all got to stay down until you come up don’t ever give up I’m with Mike Sweeney and you already know what time it is! #TryMe


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