VIDEO: T-Pain Singing With No Auto Tune

“T-Pain’s taken a lot of sh*t since “Death of Auto-Tune” in 2009. That is a gross, gross understatement. According to him, somewhere along the way, the line was blurred between him using the plug in to add an effect on his voice and using it to make him sound “good.” And, according to him, that’s a complete load of balderdash because the guy really can sing and he does it extremely well.

Guess what? All of the above is true.

Even if Auto-Tune was six feet under (which it’s not), Teddy Pain’s vocal abilities would be just fine, thank you very much. Don’t believe me? Check his appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concertseries, hear his untouched, raw vocals for yourself and see if the man can’t croon out tunes with the absolute best of them.”


via The Smoking Section


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