Migos – Rich N**** Timeline


On Migos Signing With 300 Entertainment:
“We turned down every label. We turned down Def Jam, RCA, Atlantic, he says, I wanted five million dollars, but didn’t none of them wanna come with five million. They’d come with one, two, two-point-five. But we already came in the game with that. When Migos came out, Migos had real Rolexes on. Migos had real Versace on. The ?Versace? video cost us $100,000, you feel what I?m saying? We already came in the game with money.? – Pierre Pee Thomas, co-founder, Quality Control Music”

Lyor Cohen on Migos to Becoming a Crossover Sensation with their Upcoming Album:
Quavo just called two days ago, and he said, ?We want to leave Atlanta to finish up our album. Where should we go?? I told him: Sweden. [It] has a culture of soul, R&B, funk, and rap?but also pop.? You get them in the room with ?a couple of those great producers? they have over there, and Migos ?could create something really global.? Never mind that just last year Migos were working out of their basement in Gwinnett; 300 thinks they should be playing arenas and recording songs with acts like James Blake and Imagine Dragons. ?If we wanted an extremely limited, keep-it-real Atlanta group, we?d just keep them in Atlanta,? Cohen says. ?But that?s not interesting to us. What?s interesting is to import the essence of Atlanta to the world.?

On Drake’s Appearance on ‘Versace’:
It was a gift and a curse. Sometimes I really wish he had never jumped on it? It was gonna blow without him. – Pee

Full Story: Fader


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