Pete Rock Speaks On Yes Men & Soulless Music In The Hip Hop Industry

Yes men in the music business ruin niccas careers. If half these artist were listening to the right people and had the right people around the folks album wouldn’t sound so bad. A true musician vs your yes men, homie the musician wins every time. Niccas’ ears are so bad musically People make one GREAT album in their careers but cant ever follow up your 1st great lp with a 2nd. Yes men dont know what a beat is. Now your music suffers bcuz of Ego’s and yes men. FOH. People don’t know whats dope anymore. They rather be followers chasing that same wack sound. Its making kids crazy!!! #ratchetmusic.

Sometimes if something is good you gotta still use some of the same components that helped make it that way. #thoughtsonmymindtoday. Mafuggas will dive off a cliff before they can make a decent album with true professionals. And keep their yes men around. Yes men are bums! Damn,i remember you had to have real talent or you wasn’t getting signed to no kinda deal.I LOVE YOU HEAVY D!!!!You had great ears for talent. A lot of people in the game calling themselves rappers or MC’s just plain ol suck???? Music is soulless out there. Cant guide or lead nobody into that. And those are my thoughts of today. Like or don’t. All good! Have a wonderful day!??peace love and real hip hop with real people. Erbody fake???? I cant count how many times i have been let down buying mafuggas records. I’m a big consumer not just a DJ and producer. No shame with deez radio DJs flippin on da real. Not all but majority that limit real hip hop.

Pete Rock

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